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Unusual OTK Caning

     Posted on Thu ,07/04/2011 by webmaster

Sorry that this place has not been updated as it should have been, we have thrashed fired the ass of the foolish girl in charge of updating this blog and replaced her with somebody a little more competent… I can assure you that she got 6 very hard strokes of the cane… If I’d have thought about it, I’d have filmed it too… it would have made for an interesting storyline!!!  So now onto something severe and just a slightly bit sinister!

If you liked this free long play clip above of a rare scene of a girl being caned OTK… then check out a few reminders from the film below! Miss Valkerie was one of the most fearsome Dominants around, easily playing the most scary school mistresses any poor unfortunate girl would have the misfortune to come across! For Ivy… this was to be one of those days when her reports meant the only lesson she was about to learn was just how welts she’d get across her bare bottom and how that should be a timely reminder to do better in future!

Yes, SpankingDigital isn’t just only about spankings and domestic punishments, oh no… there are also many schoolgirl themes and plenty of discipline situations that require use of the strap and cane as well as more traditional methods like OTK spankings. Go check out the latest releases HERE that also show some films clips so you see what more to expect from one of the UK’s best established spanking sites.


Caning From Around the Net

     Posted on Thu ,07/04/2011 by spankergirl

The more severe a spanking, the harder it is to look away. Spankings are like train wrecks, curiosity gets the best of you and you MUST watch. How bad will that poor girl get it? Oh, her depraved bottom. Even with the MOOD scenes, which I find to be too brutal, I have never turned away.

I found myself ever so curious as I read the title “280 Strokes with a Leather Wrapped Cane Teach Samantha Woodley Not to Steal”. 280? Are you insane? I rushed over to FirmHand Spanking, I had to see this for myself.

Samantha does in fact take 280 strokes while laying half naked on the bed, bottom propped up by a pillow. Somehow I found myself disappointed and yet relieved that the strokes were not the severity I had imagined. I think you will find her sexy giggling bottom and yelps of pain quickly distract you from counting the strokes.

Here is a clip from this scene:

Samantha Woodley Caned at Samantha Woodley Caned at

Samantha Woodley Caned at Samantha Woodley Caned at

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This caning was not severe, but the eye candy and the added thigh caning makes it worth watching. Leia and Irelynn are sent to Mr. Osbornes office for dress code violations. Leia is astounding in 4 inch heels and the perfect teeny-tiny schoolgirl uniform. When Mr. Osborne has her bend over the desk, her perfect bottom perches on top of legs that go on forever. The very callous Mr. Osborne is intent on teaching a lesson and starts Leia straight with the cane. To make matters worse for Miss Leia, Mr. Osborne takes a few canestrokes on her thighs and lower buttocks, leaving a beautifully marked backside.

Wrong Skirt Caning from AAA Spanking

Wrong Skirt Caning from AAA Spanking

Wrong Skirt Caning from AAA Spanking

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AAA Spanking

Oh Masie Dee, how you play the snarky tattletale and how we delight in your enjoyment of Faye’s caning. Oh so innocent Masie Dee tattles to Ms. Simpson that Faye was using curse words. Ms. Simpson quickly takes Faye over her knee for a harsh handspanking while Masie stands to the side and smiles devilishly. Masie quickly offers to fetch the cane in hopes of prolonging Faye’s punishment. Watch as Faye takes a thrashing and Masie smiles with guilty pleasure. Ms. Simpson takes notice of Masies smirks and decides to give her bottom a nice beating as well!

Masie Dee and Faye Get Punished in Grass Rod from SpankingOnline

Masie Dee and Faye Get Punished in Grass Rod from SpankingOnline Masie Dee and Faye Get Punished in Grass Rod from SpankingOnline

Masie Dee and Faye Get Punished in Grass Rod from SpankingOnline Masie Dee and Faye Get Punished in Grass Rod from SpankingOnline

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New girl Ivy is late for her shoot and the boss is not in the mood to put up with disrespectful models. Mr. M forces her to strip naked and wait for her very first caning. Watch as her bottom welts up with the marks of his lashing!

Ivy Caned by Mr. M on

Ivy Caned by Mr. M on Ivy Caned by Mr. M on

Ivy Caned by Mr. M on Ivy Caned by Mr. M on

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Caning Promotions

     Posted on Wed ,16/03/2011 by webmaster

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Don’t miss our great caning video for this promotion, over 5 full minutes of hardcore schoolgirl canings!

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Pretty in Panties

     Posted on Thu ,10/03/2011 by webmaster

I am a lover of the cane, nothing quite compares to the rush you feel as it swooshes through the air and you fight every inch of your body from moving as it whacks like a hundred rubber bands.

One of my fondest memories of the cane was a few years ago when my spanking partner took me outside for an unforgettable caning. He stripped me down, tied my hands together and blindfolded me. He then hung my hands from a tree branch so that I could only move a little side to side. That night I got a very slow, painful and loving 20 strokes with the cane. Once I let go of the fear, I was able to concentrate on the sounds and the feeling of each stroke as it rushed over me. This experience made me appreciate the cane that much more.

I came across a fantastic scene from FirmHandSpankings where a lovely Miss Kayla Apple takes 14 strokes over pretty white ruffle schoolgirl panties. I have seen a number of pretty panty spankings, but it is rare to find a schoolgirl caning over frilly girlie panties. I wish they would show you the marks in the end, but there is something innocent about these panties and the severe caning they endure.

Private Schoolgirl Kayla Apple Receives 20 Canestrokes from Private Schoolgirl Kayla Apple Receives 20 Canestrokes from
Private Schoolgirl Kayla Apple Receives 20 Canestrokes from Private Schoolgirl Kayla Apple Receives 20 Canestrokes from

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Lovely Schoolgirl Caning

     Posted on Tue ,15/02/2011 by webmaster

I decided to jump across the pond today as I revisited an old favorite schoolgirl site, RealSpankingInstitute.comMr. M always had a way with the implements and he shows no mercy with the cane as these two beautiful young ladies stand naked face to face to receive a very swift and severe caning.

There has always been two sides to the cane, the slow and determined punishment where each cane stroke is given ample time to settle in and the models nerves bring her to her knees as she awaits the next swing or the more brutal side of very hard, fast, and repetitive cane strokes that leave you in constant pain, having the pain grow stronger with each stroke.  As a top, I prefer the latter as I find it helps the girls who enjoy spankings reach their mental state easier, but as a viewer there is great joy in watching a girl wiggle her bum in fear.

I was glad to see on my visit today, that they have really  brought life back to the institute with multi-girl punishments, authentic looking classrooms and well, lets face it, the thing we love most, the incredible looking young women in uniform ready to receive a punishment they most assuredly deserve.  If you haven’t visited in a while, you might give it another visit.

For your viewing pleasure, a short clip from Monica and Sophie Caught in the Act:

Monica is digging through the fridge while Sophie is on the lookout. The Dean catches them in the act and decides to punish each of them with his belt.  The Dean then sends the girls off to his office for additional punishment.

Monica Belted By the Dean - Real Spankings Institute Monica Receives the Belt

Sophie Bends Over Beautiful Sophie in Agony

Waiting naked, face to face, bent over the office table, Monica and Sophie await further punishment from The Dean. When he enters it is clear that more pain is in store for their bottoms. He begins with Monica and applies the cane to her already belted bottom.  Sophie is reminded not to run with the wrong crowd at The Institute with a very hard caning from The Dean. The girls are then left in position with very sore bottoms to think about their actions.

Sophie and Monica Wait for Discipline Sophie and Monica Wait for Discipline

Monica's Bottom Caned Sophies Pretty Bottom Caned

Real Spankings Institute


Snivelling teen caned hard!

     Posted on Wed ,19/01/2011 by spankergirl


Angelina Caned -

Angelina was always one of my favorite girls when she received a good hard punishment, she oftened cried afterwards, I don’t think it was because she was a wimp or anything, she genuinely took some very severe punishments and would snivel and sniff and plead… but although she’d moan and complain she did take her punishment to completion, whereby she would then burst into tears, probably as a release! Watching any of her punishments was always compelling and now those that just want to view the odd selected movie can do so with one of Angelina’s finest caning movies as she is punished severely in her school uniform over the old wooden desk by her uncaring and “old school” Headmaster who took all his detention canings himself! (for some unexplained reason… can’t think what!)

I have included some screen images taken from the movie:

Angelina Caned - Caned Angelina Caned -

Angelina Caned - Angelina Caned - Caned Schoolgirls

Angelina CAned - Caned Angelina Caned - Caned Schoolgirls