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Lovely Schoolgirl Caning

I decided to jump across the pond today as I revisited an old favorite schoolgirl site, RealSpankingInstitute.comMr. M always had a way with the implements and he shows no mercy with the cane as these two beautiful young ladies stand naked face to face to receive a very swift and severe caning.

There has always been two sides to the cane, the slow and determined punishment where each cane stroke is given ample time to settle in and the models nerves bring her to her knees as she awaits the next swing or the more brutal side of very hard, fast, and repetitive cane strokes that leave you in constant pain, having the pain grow stronger with each stroke.  As a top, I prefer the latter as I find it helps the girls who enjoy spankings reach their mental state easier, but as a viewer there is great joy in watching a girl wiggle her bum in fear.

I was glad to see on my visit today, that they have really  brought life back to the institute with multi-girl punishments, authentic looking classrooms and well, lets face it, the thing we love most, the incredible looking young women in uniform ready to receive a punishment they most assuredly deserve.  If you haven’t visited in a while, you might give it another visit.

For your viewing pleasure, a short clip from Monica and Sophie Caught in the Act:

Monica is digging through the fridge while Sophie is on the lookout. The Dean catches them in the act and decides to punish each of them with his belt.  The Dean then sends the girls off to his office for additional punishment.

Monica Belted By the Dean - Real Spankings Institute Monica Receives the Belt

Sophie Bends Over Beautiful Sophie in Agony

Waiting naked, face to face, bent over the office table, Monica and Sophie await further punishment from The Dean. When he enters it is clear that more pain is in store for their bottoms. He begins with Monica and applies the cane to her already belted bottom.  Sophie is reminded not to run with the wrong crowd at The Institute with a very hard caning from The Dean. The girls are then left in position with very sore bottoms to think about their actions.

Sophie and Monica Wait for Discipline Sophie and Monica Wait for Discipline

Monica's Bottom Caned Sophies Pretty Bottom Caned

Real Spankings Institute

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