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I have something truly amazing for you today, ever seen a girl with her buttocks fully exposed, bent over in such a way that she can’t even see the punishment? She knows what WILL happen, she was told, but she won’t know when or how hard until the rod does it’s task! SpankingServer have a few movies where girls have their fully exposed bottom so splayed that their tiny puckers are actually deliberately targeted, yes, Caned Anuses, in effect, Asshole caning! I’d never seen much until now, but here is one of their films which I will let you see a bit of below and I’ll let you decide! The girl is quite nervous, and as each stroke hits, you can see her sphincter contact in pain, and of course the 2nd cam also catches her facial reactions, this is truly a humiliating punishment that no teen should ever have to submit to twice!

spankingserver - click here

Oh, did I mention that the girl is absolutely stunning as well?

asshole caning

ahc06 ahc07


ahc08 ahc09


ahc10 ahc11


This is one of this week’s updates so hurry if you want to catch this!!! OK, Here are some bonus images below from SpankingServer which are usually always there or you to download an example I have is showing you a beautiful teen girl’s welted buttocks during and after her caning! Now this is typical of the quality images you’ll see inside their members section, aren’t they just amazing?

cane01    cane02    cane04

OK, I have a special announcement, in case you haven’t seen, there is a new movie on the home page of this blog called “Niki Flynn’s Caning”  (please check out the HOME PAGE HERE as there is a really good free caning clip – and it really is a special movie, this was from a time that I really admired Niki when she had her hair short and dyed from her usual dark tresses many of us had become used to. Doesn’t Niki make looking a schoolgirl convincing? My God, it’s with a lump in my throat that I have watched this entire movie (and I shall not reveal where other stiffness and luminess appeared because I am far too much of a gentleman) but by jiminy this is a darned good remaster of a film I have craved to see in this glorious detail!

To celebrate this fact, there is a special Gallery of this movie hosted on my blog, click image below to reveal MORE of madam Flynn’s punishment! I wonder if she remembers this day in 2005?

click here to see this free gallery

As well as the caning there are some really hot OTK scenes building up to the tough part of her punishment, a really well balanced film about love and discipline at home.

Don’t forget to check out my sidebars as I do update these with new movies and galleries and links to other great stuff.
Back soon.


PS, if anyone is interested I have a ton of Niki’s stuff and am only too happy to see what we can find together if you leave me a comment or 2 (whether it’s links to other stuff or what I can provide here or advise on) .

Don’t forget to check out her great blog here

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  1. Joe English Says:

    The asshole canings done by are just excellent. If this hard to find novelty is your thing, on this site you will find it indulged gloriously. Pretty girls are restrained in the most humiliating ass-up and head-down posture, with their butt cheeks spread wide. What offenses could lead to this punishment, I don’t know, but you will enjoy as between ten and 16 strokes of the cane land directly on each girl’s twitching asshole. If you don’t want to join the site (which features spanking, whipping, strapping, paddling, and caning of backs, tits, thighs, pussies, and asses of girls, usually bound) you can buy a clip package of 20 asshole canings. Good, hot, twisted stuff!

  2. Head Master Says:

    Good comment, I am well aware of the asshole canings at SpankingServer, I will get some pics up for others to see what it’s about! HM

  3. Joe English Says:

    In the 11 months since I last posted a comment, Spankingserver has posted more and more anal canings. Now, in their clip packages for purchase, there are two packages with twenty clips showing an anal caning. Some girls are brought in through a door. Some are pulled out of a cell. All most all show a pretty girl who is made to kneel on a table, stick her head through a hole in the table, then feel her legs and arms bound to keep her ass up and her legs spread. Look as long as you like, because her asscheeks are splayed wide and there is nothing she can do to prevent you from inspecting her butthole.
    Then — who knows what the imaginary offense is that earns this punishment — the girl is struck directly on her asshole with a cane. The fantasy is wonderful, of course, but even the reality is attractive: what must it be like for a bondage model to submit to having someone hit her poor little anus with a stick! Once she was in the humiliating ass up, head down position, did she have any regrets about the pain or the fact that men around the world would jack off while watching her suffer this shameful punishment? Her only real offense is that she is pretty and men will enjoy seeing her butt turned up and her asshole beaten with between 10 and 16 strokes of a cane.
    Check out if you enjoy this unusual and hard to find fetish. On this site you can see a girl properly punished with an anal caning — and imagine what your cock would do once that asshole had been properly punished with a cane.

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