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NEW: Very Severe & Filthy Schoolgirl caning

If you don’t have access to SpankingMags then I suggest you do. Why? Because I have just seen the naughtiest and filthiest schoolgirl spanking & caning movie for some time. It’s called (rather unsurprisingly) “Spanked & Caned” and the story is that schoolgirl Jacobson endures a long and nasty punishment in Headmaster’s study (he looks off duty, to me…and is a total pervert and disgrace to his establishment, if you ask me)

However, he chastises the poor girl for having a wet dripping vagina, the slut had been aroused by his spanking and, if he is anything like me, I’d have been secretly thrilled to see that! However, I’m sure he puts up some pretence that it’s disgusting and of course offers the girl a paper tissue to clean herself up before he continues and canes the hell out of her cheeks!



Jacobson’s cheeks turn a deep red with clearly visable welts, such was the ferocity of the caning later on, Headmaster “takes pity” on her and rubs in some soothing cream…I’m sure he did that out of the goodness of his own heart, judging by the way he peered and prodded then felt her warm stinging cheeks during the caning…I think deep down he rather enjoyed caning this girl, and I am convinced when you see this remastered long play movie now out at SpankingMags – you will too!


If you liked this clip – CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL MOVIE

SpankingMags has surpassed itself with this latest movie and compliments a series of fantastic schoolgirl caning and spanking films from their many Ezines.

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