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Does anyone remember Louise from Girls Boarding School?

This snivelling filly really captured my heart all those years ago and if any of you have never seen her punishment, I have delved long and hard into my own stash of caning videos and dug this great movie one out for you with her first punishment shown at this site about 4 or so years ago! The quality of this film from that era is STILL amazing, and of course nowadays, they produce films in far higher clearer resolution, but this movie, nonetheless, is still amazing and I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

Louise – looked nervous and for good reason!

Girls Boarding School ran (and still run) their feature of  “New residents” – newbie girls brought in who are disciplined, and disciplined hard with just about everything they can take, usually at the hands of the fearsome Headmaster Tom! Love him or loathe him, his teutonic stern voice is enough to scare the girls, let alone his hard spanking, in general, these girls rarely get away with a lightly spanked bottom, Louise’s spanking here reveals a gorgeous red speckled arse, the sign that she is soundly spanked, and I have to warn you, her buttocks are mesmerising as they are being spanked, you’ll see what I mean in this short clip below!

Click below to play this wmv spanking clip

Images below are video grabs taken from this wonderful severe movie, and check out the close up shots of Louise’s sore red buttocks, there is also a treat at the end as I have included a caning clip when she can barely count, her voice faltering as the cane crashes down onto her full wobbling buttocks!





Click image below for the free caning clip
(Warning: Scenes of Wobbling thrashed buttocks)

You can view this and many more films like this only at Girls Boarding School

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