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Linda is caned hard at GBS

 Hello, I thought I’d let you see a little something from my own private stash which stars this gorgeous German filly called Linda who is caned hard in a variety of movies that she did for Girls Boarding School a few years back! She has a striking beauty, a sorrowful face and pleading nature that gives enormous satisfaction to the administrator of the punishment. Not only do you get to sense this girl is learning her lesson, from seeing the visible welts appearing on the cheeks of a teen such as Linda, you can also see her spirit broken, the quieter sobbing that usually follows, the mumbling when asked a question. At this point, you know the cane has got the point over!

I invite you all to check these 2 wonderful clips and (they are reasonably long – so please download them first as they are also both in REAL Player RM format)

Linda attempts to do better on the Step Machine! 12.86mb RM format
(aided by the cane across her bare bottom)
Right click and save before playing this clip

Check out the images showing Linda’s beautiful bottom getting thrashed!
lindastep1 lindastep2 lindastep3

lindastep4 lindastep5 lindastep6

If you liked that, you’ll love this movie where Linda is first caned over her pantyhose, and the film shows how you can see this schoolgirl’s bottom marking up underneah the material. As her underwear are removed the caning continues on her bared exposed cheeks, her pussy also peeking out inshame as she is bent right over, snivelling and almost in tears as she is forced to thank Headmaster for every stroke she gets! Clip and image set are below for your pleasure.

Download file size is 3.34mb in RM format
right click and save before playing this RM file

lindacane1 lindacane2 lindacane3

lindacane4 lindacane5 lindacane6

lindacane7 lindacane8 lindacane9

For ALL of Linda’s fine movies – CLICK HERE



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