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Sarah Collins Paddled & Caned

     Posted on Sat ,20/02/2010 by webmaster

This is a very special video which shows Sarah Collins in her school uniform being put through a variety of intimate and bum blistering punishments as she is ordered to “do this” and “do that” – stop complaining and “lift those legs up for the diaper position” etc etc…the camera is free to roam around and it gets some very intimate and explicit shots of her ass and pussy as she is first paddled then caned VERY SEVERELY across her exposed buttocks!

WARNING: This movie clip below features hard canings!

Thanks to English-Spankers – who have the motto they only punish “young ladies, schoolgirls and mature women”, so that’s the female population, then :D
I have got you some great stills as well as the clip, the full length film is simply awesome and a MUST for collectors!





Teen & Schoolgirl Punishments

     Posted on Mon ,15/02/2010 by webmaster

Wherever it may be, whether at school or at home, it’s always a pleasant sight to see very naughty girls getting the thrashing they so deserve, preferably in a state of distress and of course undress from their cute uniforms! In something different, I have collected together some interesting and harsh punishments of girls getting the bare bottom punishments in PAINstaking detail! Below from SPANKINGONLINE – a classic – delve into their vast archives shows us a gym class discipline by a very lustful PE Teacher giving Lloyd yet another slippering across her already throbbing cheeks!




Now that we’re delving into classics, and punishments by girl on girl, checkout this wonderful and VERY SEVERE Humiliating and embarrassing punishment for schoolgirl Kirsten at the hands of the School “Nit Nurse” who decides this wanton teen slut deserves a good thrashing to remove her wanton nature when an impromptu “Bottom & Privates Inspection” reveals self defilement and more! See the gallery below:

SpankingMAGS now has a VAST Archive of spanking E-zines withmany exclusive and remastered movies not found eksewhere as well as extras and special features that only members of this site can view. It’s another great site that has a lot of hard hitting girl punishments and lots of severe canings too!!!

Finally, as I have digressed onto the girl girl and school nurse theme now, how about a good dose of Rosaleen Young getting thrashed in another bedtime inpsection as she is washed and slippered! Full nudity and full submission from a real brat, this is one of my old favorites of Rosaleen and this re edit has been viewed by members of STRICTSPANKING! This site of course covers lots of hard discipline and use of the cane, if that be your thing!!!

Check out the latest FREE Hi Res Sample Clips on the HOME PAGE HERE

Enjoy these naughty girls getting thrashed!!! Head Master


Brand NEW Long Play Caning Movie

     Posted on Thu ,04/02/2010 by webmaster

There’s an amazing remastered movie starring Erica Delemar (or as many of you now know her, Leia-Ann Wood). The beauty of this movie is that it was probably her most severe caning movie that she shot at that time and was also one of her earliest films. It has NEVER been remastered or re edited until now and the special focus is on her caning scenes with added and re touched footage making this a MUST SEE Collectors Edition!

What’s more, prices to join this site are still amongst the most competetive around and all films are HI RES PLAYBACK, and all are re edited exclsuively for this site withthe focus ON THE CANED BARE

Erica’s late again…but she doesn’t have long to wait for her punishment, though, as within 30 seconds she’s bending over after being told she’ll get the strap AND the cane across her bare bottom! He certainly doesn’t “Spare the Rod” in this severe classic at all!!!




     Posted on Fri ,29/01/2010 by webmaster

As promised, I’m getting you news of a brand new site, totally exclusive content and some of the hottest and HARDEST punishments of bare bottoms of some cracking girls!

I present THE BARE BOTTOM – the editor has been working like a maniac and is now down the pub drinking himself into a stupor from all the hard work, some of the exclusive movies featured were from the film shoot just a few days ago, and these will not be available elsewhere so this site is the only place you’ll see the likes of Jodie and new girl Lottie getting some VERY HARD canings BARE BOTTOM Canings & OTT spankings as well as Jasmine in one of her naughtiest and frankest films in an interview you mustn’t miss!

Enough of my waffle, please check out their tour pages as there are FREE sample clips, it scrapes the surface of what is going to be an awesome site for 2010! But for now you’ll get the idea of what to expect! Go grab some spanked ass!



Various Canings on t’internet

     Posted on Thu ,21/01/2010 by webmaster

I thought I’d bring you all a nice selection of various canings of girls who should know better. the sites they belong to are advertised, should you be so enraged, or is that aroused as to locate MORE of these sluts getting their disgraceful arses thrashed some more! Nothing more satisfying than the sight of a teen or twentysomething visably upset and ashamed of her welted globes!

Let the caning mayhem begin!

Tina’s Guilltine caning: The headmaster and the teacher place Tina in a guillotine then lift up her dress and give her a lashing she soon won’t forget! ALSO CLICK HERE FOR A FREE GALLERY




These fantastic canings are all courtesy of ELITESPANKING (I think it should be called Elite CANING) judging from these pics and clips I’ve found!!! ;)



     Posted on Sat ,16/01/2010 by webmaster

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Have a great weekend.