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Schoolgirl canings

Tue ,19/10/2010

I have a couple of excellent updates of some severe schoolgirl canings and these movies are available in 2 formats as you’ll see below and both feature severe use of the cane effectively across very naughty young girls backsides! So those that are easily offended by girls behaving in a sluttish and ill mannered way then getting their just desserts, please go to and leave the serious business of some hard and erotic discipline of schoolgirls for everyone else to gawp at, thank you.

(ah, only kidding!) but seriously, these 2 films are some seriously hard disciplines with exposed female genitalia on full display! (as you’ll see below)

NEW out at BRITSPANK is a very naughty schoolgirl masturbation film featuring a teen slut caught out wanking off in the shower room by the state of her wet knickers – the resulting caning is very severe and impossible NOT to watch as this girl’s punishment is addictive viewing! Click on the image below and you’ll find a specially commissioned new gallery and movie clip advertising this film from

This movie & so many more schoolgirl punishments are ALL exclusive


The 2nd schoolgirl caning movie stars a real favorite, Joanna Pritchart, who is now available in this movie as an option of PPV (pay per download and keep movie) making it a really cheap option from the latest movie addition at 

The images below that I have for you are EXCLUSIVE to this blog and there is a direct link HERE to the download page with a special free clip of Joanna sobbing in this real tears punishment as she endures a nasty detention discipline at the hands, slipper and cane of a very “old skool” Headmaster!

Check out these special video images of her spanking, knickers down punishment, humiliation and her slippering and caning across her sore red buttocks!





Fot the full list of pay per download/keep options (which are extremely popular as they give YOU the power to download just what you want cheaply and with no rebills etc from carefully selected movies) just click the banner below, thanks.