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“I must not suck off the boys!”

Fri ,17/12/2010

So says Kara Jayne when she is confronted with her appalling slutty behavior and told to repeat this so she might realise just how humiliating a situation it is for a girl in her position to have not only been caught doing this but also told on by at least 2 seperate people reporting that her knickers were down & her private parts were being touched and groped too! I won’t waffle on any more, but you can check out some scenes of her hard humiliating caning discipline and there is also the chance to catch a decent freeview clip as well!

I have not seen this movie before so well done to BritSpank for finding this old classic and giving it the remaster treatment – pure caning gold from a very popular spankee who we all know was very, very naughty in real life as well as on film! Mmm!







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“Please Miss, No!”

Wed ,21/07/2010

Here are 2 girls, I guess you would say better known for their SUBMISSIVE roles rather than any online filming of their Domme-play, but here we see Kara Jayne hone her dominant skills as she straps and canes as the fearsome Headmsitress! Looking quite delicious in her prim and porper attire, the hapless choolgirl is Sarah Collins who is called Christine in this quite severe old classic that members have been downloading eagerly at CanedSchoolgirls!

I had a mail requesting more info on the movie, as if the fantastic FREE preview at the image link below on the home page wasn’t enough! I have some additional images taken from this movie which leaves you in no doubt as to the severity of the canings and as it’s Sarah Collins, those of you “in the know” will of course be satisfied that this girl can take virtually anything given to her, whether she likes it or not!

This is the storyline of this movie: “Christine tried to fake a tummy ache in an effort to be let out of school early. The headmistress was having none of it as she had seen the girl earlier stuffing her face with chocolates. A very stern telling off was given & then the wretched dishonest schoolgirl was bent over the desk for a SEVERE caning from a furious Mistress Kara Jayne!”




For those that like their schoolgirl punishments hard and severe and at the hands of a female who knows how to handle the cane then this movie will be “right up your street!”

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