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Mega Spank & Cane Movie Punishment

Tue ,04/01/2011

There is a brand new movie update at CanedSchoolgirls which this blog is proud to promote as it is a very long 45 minute remastered classic (655Mb in size!) which I have never really seen in full anywhere until now and it stars 2 girls in their authentic uniforms thrashed by a very angry Miss Hastings in a real classroom setting!

Remedial History Lesson – taught by Miss Hastings

Niki Flynn & Shannon Kelly were in remedial History and had a boring Industrial Revolution lesson with people they’d never heard of or cared about (ever heard of “James Hargreaves” who invented the “spinning jenny”?) Hmmm, exactly! But if you Google his name it will appear with “spinning jenny” and you’ll understand… and it is hardly surprising that this extremely boring lesson causes both girls to fidget and not pay attention as Miss Hastings drones on… and on… and on! 

Miss Hastings drones on ever aware that the girls are not paying attention!

The girls attempt to takes notes but it’s hard work!  - & the “spinning jenny”

The lesson soon descends into farce as Miss Hastings summons the girls out regularly for a quick nasty spanking reminder in between introducing yet more forefathers of the Industrial Revolution which has totally fazed the girls and as each girl is brought out for a quick spanking, they are soon brought to the front of class and the lesson ends when Miss Hastings decides to just punish them severely on their bared bottoms! I have a special Exclusive Free clip below of an early scene where Shannon is placed over Miss Hastings’ lap for a quick spanking before it is the turn of Niki Flynn! Notice the introduction of a nasty looking clothes brush… this is just the start of the ever increasingly more severe chastisement coming their way!

Check out the extensive free images taken from the long play movie, members will be able to download 100s of images which are taken from the film as well as be able to access this new update for the New Year!





As you’ll see both girls end up getting caned… and believe you me they are both caned severely! There is a Free Movie clip currently available to download from the HOME PAGE which shows Niki Flynn receiving a hard caning across her bare sore bottom! Note that Miss Hastings is a connoisseur of caning, having used her trusty Smoked Dragon Kooboo cane which leaves both girls close to tears and with guaranteed welted cheeks!

For this movie and all the lastest recent updates, visit the ever popular for all your schoolgirl caning needs!


Truth Hurts for Niki Flynn

Fri ,30/07/2010

The latest schoolgirl punishment movie from is a classic starring one of my all time favorite girls, niki Flynn. In what is fondly called her “short hair period”, well, I just made that up, but the film was, I’d say from around 2005/06 judging from her hairstyle and she is given a very humiliating after school detention by Miss Hastings.

Niki Flynn is in Detention for her poor homework & Miss Hastings wants to know why she is failing so badly. But even trying to get a straight answer out of Niki, who seems to be in denial about her poor work, only succeeds in annoying Miss Hastings who decides to thrash Niki with her hand, the strap & ultimately her thick rattan cane! Perhaps this will teach Miss Flynn that lying will not be tolerated! This movie has some fantastic scenes of Niki taking a severe strapping & caning that would make many a girl buckle & cry in shame! See Niki take one of her hardest punishments after school!





This is a seriously good severe F/F paddling & caning film and fans of Miss Hastings & Niki Flynn are in for a treat as this is available as a cheap option pay per download! What it means is you download the movie, pay nothing more, and get to keep it on your PC to play back as often as you want!

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