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Hard Hitting Discipline!

Sun ,16/01/2011

I have been exploring the archives of SpankingOnline and found a few really old schoolgirl sets with some erotic, but also quite hard spanking and caning scenes. It is buried deep, under Archives, Archives Section 1, School Girl Zone, all the way at the bottom of the page. Makes me think back to school days….

2 girls in very short skirts, punished upstairs in a depressing room and this was the first time these girls had such a punishment and filmed… it was all the more remarkable for 2 things:

1. Emily had a cunt that dribbled profusely no matter what punishment she got and you see this on film!

2. The blond girl had an amazing wiggling big bottom and was a very good looking girl which made this terrible punishment all the more enjoyable to watch as you can sense their collective humiliation.

Check out this clip taken from this old movie called “Double trouble”

More old classics like this can be found in your leisure at the archives of SpankingOnline


When Spelling Lessons go wrong!

Fri ,26/11/2010

Exchange student Natasha just isn’t getting the simple basics of English grammar and spelling, so this private tutor is fed up when the traditional methods aren’t working so he hopes that the threat of more severe discipline, notably spankings, hand straapping and a caning across her bared bottom might be the catalyst for her to suddenly improve!

Sadly, he was wrong! She’s still hopeless so what we witness in this 25 minute film is a long sustained punishment where her hands are strapped, her soft big bottom is fully exposed and spanked over his knee, then she is paddled and caned until he is satisfied that she will do better to learn her simple spelling assignments!

If you haven’t already, Click on the image above, it leads to a really special gallery and OTK spanking clip, I urge you to check out the way her bottom wobbles as it’s spanked, it really is an amazing sight! Then I have an additional movie clip just for readers here today, not shown anywhere else, it is the ULTIMATE in severe punishments… this short scene shows part of her “thigh canings!” – very painful, and you can see the welts appear almost immediately!

This special movie is taken from and there are plenty of great movies to choose and download withthe membership here. But this site is also part of the 20 SITE SPANKPASS – so you’ve got 2 nice options to choose a way to watch a movie like this, and there are plenty more satisfying severe films to keep you warm and cosy!!! Have a good weekend!


Catholic Schoolgirl Misery

Thu ,18/11/2010

You may have noticed that there is a new movie update just released today starring the gorgeous Katie Leigh in one of my favorite films. She took a real hard caning and in this early classic, it has now been thankfully remastered to the best possible playback from the time it was filmed on older cameras… so now we have Katie as best as we can see her in this movie, and it’s one I certainly wouldn’t miss as you’ll see from the screen grabs I have for you! If you love pretty girls having their bottoms caned in uniform and seeing their cheeks and privates humiliatingly fully expoised, then please read on… as this is the film for you!

Check out these images of Katie as she faces Headmaster and his Rod when she was sent to him for punishment for disrupting Religious Education classes (this is a serious offence in a catholic run school!)








Black girls paddled & caned!

Tue ,16/11/2010

This isn’t often covered, but I love seeing girls with dusky dark bottom thrashed and these 2 from 2 different sites are featured a lot at the respective sites they’re taken from. The first is a cute girl wearing glasses, I have several of her films but don’t know her name (they never say), but what you will find cute about this girl is that she takes a hard paddling and just look at her Spiderman underpants… how adorably cute. She also has an Amazonian toned ass and thighs and eventaully starts to react to her paddling when she grits her teeth and bears it at the start – the ends of the full film (in Hi Res wmv) is worth watching as she rubs her battered bottom lingeringly for the cameras…mmm! Check out the images and the free clip of her paddling that I have for you below:






To see more similar punishments like this check out all the latest developments and updates coming out from


The 2nd girl is a favorite of mine called Sally who was one of the featured residents of Girls-Boarding-School for a while so this will tell you that there are many films of her and I like this one as Tom really doesn’t hold back with the caning and I also like the way she is forced to lean against the wall, bottom stuck out and take her caning. There’s a twist as he is directed by Mr Thomspon on the phone as how to punish this girl…any excuse, eh? :D

click image above to view the streaming clip of Sally’s severe caning

Below are some scenes taken from the full length movie so you get an idea of what happens outside of the free clip – this is just 1 of several that feature this beauty at Girls-Boarding-School




Simpson – caned & buggered

Fri ,29/10/2010

What a frightful title and one no young madam should have to ensure, a severe caning followed by a humiliating sex act AND actual buggery! Well, I’m afraid Miss Simpson has rather pissed me off, which I shall describe in more detail TOMORROW but for now enjoy this very special FREE INTRO to Elizabeth’s MOST HUMILIATING Punishment experience, one which she is ashamed of to this day… enjoy the total submission of a very naughty girl!

This fascinationg free preview includes a 3 minute 40 sec intro clip! Seriously, check out the fear as she can barely reply to the questions, the fact that she is already close to tears, you can tell she knows this punishment will be one she will never ever forget! & sometime this weekend, she will recall this in detail on her own blog HERE as way of making up to me (the reason I was annoyed – we have kissed and made up but this should prove to be a compelling story and could be a really good thing for everyone in the long run!)

So be sure to check out HER BLOG this weekend
I’m looking forward to what she has to say too :)

This movie can be viewed via the Special SpankPass Offer

OK, that’s it for now, but don’t miss my side of it tomorrow at and also my Halloween Special Update (nah, no ghouls or anything, just a weak excuse to post some images of Jack O’Lanterns and find a truckload of my own unique brand of spanking updates for us all to peruse over!!! LOL)


Spanked Strapped & Caned!

Fri ,22/10/2010

Leia-Ann Woods played the role of Erica Delemar in her early years to the Scene and here we have an update that features one of her earliest movies which also happened to be quite severe and humiliating, with the finale of a very severe promised caning across her sore red buttocks! Click on the image below which will take you to a Special FREE Gallery


OK, there is the second part of Leia-Ann’s varied performances across many sites and this features her bent over the punishment bench in this “Military Punishment” series, thrashed with a nasty looking “Bull’s Pizzle” which licked her bare cheeks causing a lot of pain with the added humiliation of being punished completely in the buff by the fearsome “General” at

Click image below which plays a clip directly to your PC

Yikes, this full punishment just shows what Leia-Ann can take, eh? This full painful discipline series was filmed last year and is in the form of around 6 or 7 films which follows the punishment and training by “The General” – you view this in full HERE

Hope you enjoyed these 2 movies featured here  – they are at least 8 years apart and Leia-Ann looks timeless, doesn’t she? (she is gonna kill me thinking once again that I’m trying to describe her like an old biddy, lol) However, this is indeed a fine compliment as Leia Ann is simply one of the most stunning  girls around and thank God she still loves the submissive side of filming… 

OK, I’ll shut up now before I get a cyber slap ;)
Have a good weekend everyone.