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Hard Hitting Discipline!

Sun ,16/01/2011

I have been exploring the archives of SpankingOnline and found a few really old schoolgirl sets with some erotic, but also quite hard spanking and caning scenes. It is buried deep, under Archives, Archives Section 1, School Girl Zone, all the way at the bottom of the page. Makes me think back to school days….

2 girls in very short skirts, punished upstairs in a depressing room and this was the first time these girls had such a punishment and filmed… it was all the more remarkable for 2 things:

1. Emily had a cunt that dribbled profusely no matter what punishment she got and you see this on film!

2. The blond girl had an amazing wiggling big bottom and was a very good looking girl which made this terrible punishment all the more enjoyable to watch as you can sense their collective humiliation.

Check out this clip taken from this old movie called “Double trouble”

More old classics like this can be found in your leisure at the archives of SpankingOnline


Get off watching girls thrashed severely!

Fri ,03/12/2010

I’m in a foul mood today, still simmering from the ridiculous decison by the corrupt toads of FIFA and am stuck inside whilst the cold and snow keeps me isolated in my rural location. So I have decided to find a good collection of girls properly humiliated and thoroughly punished to tears which somewhat cheered me up no end, I hope these snivelling schoolgirls get you off as well! Have a good weekend!

WARNING: Features the following in graphic detail!

Pissing in public, followed by SEVERE hand strappings, bare bottom spanking and strapping followed by a hard caning! Contains REAL TEARS of a very naughty and sexy schoolgirl – filmed when Angelina had just turned 19! What a happy start to her birthday that was!

Still not convinced as to just how damned good this film is? Check out this exclusive gallery below of 15, yes FIFTEEN images from this movie that members have been raving about since it was very recently uploaded! Angelina, possibly one of the naughtiest schoolgirls ever punished on UK soil – for soiling her panties!






Seriously, if you want to see this REAL TEARS snivelling schoolgirl special then CLICK HERE to sign up and download the video.



it is with great pleasure (literally) that I bring you this sordid schoolgirl punishment story with some nice freeview images and a free clip for you to peruse over whilst wondering if the film is worth the effort. OK, I have seen it before, this site does deal with remastered content, but it’s never been re edited with some scene stealing extras or in this playback quality before and is basically a shiney new (and very rude hard caning film) - oh, and really….the pissing schoolgirl (Sabrina) gets a right caning, bringing her to very real tears!!!! Interested? I thought you would be…please read on!





Sabrina was hauled into the Head’s office after being caught disgracing herself on school grounds. She pleaded with him to be let off but the HeadMaster was having none of it! She was told to lower her knickers lift her skirt & bend over. Then her full broad wobbling teen bottom was given a severe caning. Real tears flowed & loud cries filled the room as she was thrashed again and again with that nasty rattan rod!



“Ye that defileth in manner most foul, prepare ye thy loins & buttocks for The Rod!”
Book of Harika (chapter 3 verse 6)

Seriously! Don’t miss this fantastic movie – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IN FULL!


An ex-head girl, now a Borstal inmate, is being given an even harder time by the all-female uniformed staff. You’ll get to see her hands strapped severely and her thighs also receive a leathering for moving her hands. A very effective routine to deal with girls who don’t meet the lady officers standards!!!

Findlay, an ex girls boarding school Headgirl is not use to this! It is not just the being punished, but the cruel and horrid wardress has made her strip down to only her blouse and knickers – it not for P.E. either!!Seriously, you’ll get to see how expertly she uses that nasty looking cane across her knickers and her welted bare bottom!

Members can now see lots of FULL LENGTH SPANKING AND CANING MOVIES AT NO EXTRA CHARGE including “THE SORRY 6 GET CANED, THE GYM MISTRESS, CANED ON HER 1ST DAY & THAT’LL TEACHER HER”. So if you take a one month membership for only $32.50 (less than 20 Quid in the UK) or the better value 3 month membership for just $62.50 – you’ll have planty of time to download the exclusive archives, extras and all future updates coming up for around $20 a month


Finally today, I thought I’d bring you all a nice selection of various canings of girls who should know better. the sites they belong to are advertised, should you be so enraged, or is that aroused as to locate MORE of these sluts getting their disgraceful arses thrashed some more! Nothing more satisfying than the sight of a teen or twentysomething visably upset and ashamed of her welted globes!

Let the caning mayhem begin!

Tina’s Guilltine caning: The headmaster and the teacher place Tina in a guillotine then lift up her dress and give her a lashing she soon won’t forget! ALSO CLICK HERE FOR A FREE GALLERY




These fantastic canings are all courtesy of ELITESPANKING (I think it should be called Elite CANING) judging from these pics and clips I’ve found!!!


OK, to end it today I have some bonus galleries from a classic hard girl spanking and caning site from the eastern bloc and Russia (I’m sure the girls will be thrashed for the winning of the world cup bid 2018 - yawn) and I know there are lovers of this type of excellent no nonsense discipline, like myself, so let’s get off seeing these girls who are gorgeous and doomed…enjoy watching their fate unfold at HER FIRST PUNISHMENT - click on images below which all lead to selected galleries from some recent movie updates…

hfp1 hfp2

hfp3 hfp4


See MORE Long Play Movies in WMV playback of these girls HERE


Schoolgirls Need Slippering too!

Sat ,16/10/2010

The cane is an effective tool to put the fear of God into any unruly teenager, as we all know, however, I also enjoy seeing naughty girls thrashed hard across their bared buttocks with the slipper! Here is one such incident at home where these girls are given a damned hard slippering, something their parents should have done a long long time ago to sort out these girls behaviour! Yes, both girls are over 18 but when they are under the same roof, they are never too old for a hard spanking (in my opinion) and especially if it’s behind closed doors! Maybe that’ll teach them some manners, click on the image below for the full image set that showcases this wonderful HD resolution spanking film!

The above special gallery was taken directly from SPANKINGDIGITAL


Miss Valkerie’s Giving a SEVERE Caning

Tue ,27/04/2010

You might have noticed that there is a NEW movie out on the home site at CANEDSCHOOLGIRLS currently and it stars the fearsome Miss Valkerie, a true sadist enjoying giving one of her SEVEREST canings to Sarah Collins on film! Well, the clip there is bad enough and gives you an idea of what to expect, but if you check on the image below, be prepared for a HORRIFIC and sustained assualt on Sarah’s quivering and very sore buttocks!

Those who are offended by such severity, please do not view!!

Wow! Did warn you! & of course you can STILL get this site on a Trial Offer which is even better, or take one of their famous cheap long term deals…there’s plenty more severe caning films of schoolgirls, I should know being the blogger of this website!!! ;)




Severe Welted Bare Buttocks

Tue ,16/03/2010

This is a long sought after remaster of a firm favorite over the years, well, canedSchoolgirls (see the FREE movie Clip HERE – now has this movie and it has been remastered with new editing techniques making this the best ever copy of probably one of the most severe films that was ever shot by Xerotics in the UK! Also check out the special FREE gallery below, warning, images show scenes of a very welted bare bottom!

You can see more of this latest update HERE